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American ginseng can be brought back to China!

Hsu’s Ginseng 2020 American ginseng import and export tariff information


Since the trade war, there has been news of various tariffs on United States products. Paul Hsu, chairman of the Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises, was interviewed about various issues of the China-US trade war and it’s affect on American ginseng.
Since the trade war started in early April, there have been rumors that citizens returning to China with American ginseng will be flagged by customs and have their ginseng confiscated. This has caused the Chinese consumers to become uneasy about bringing American ginseng back to China. To make things easier for these customers, Hsu’s Ginseng would like to answer some common questions they’ve received and would like to provide access to the information needed to enter customs. Is it legal to bring American ginseng back to China or will the American ginseng be detained when the customs check is conducted?

Ginseng can be brought in to China via your checked luggage

In response to the US tariff increase measures, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a tariff increase on a list of US imports in April. At present, the tariff on American ginseng is 15%. Therefore, if you send a package of American ginseng by yourself or carry the ginseng in your checked baggage, you will have to pay a 15% tariff when you check it out by Chinese customs. Although subject to change, currently only a small number of passengers carrying American ginseng have been randomly selected by customs to pay customs duties. The vast majority of other people carrying Ginseng with customs clearance have not encountered problems. Some articles on the internet have warned that it is illegal to transport American ginseng across the border. This is purely a rumor.
In addition, individual passengers have a tax allowance of 5,000 yuan. If you are carrying American ginseng within 5 pounds, it is recommended to bring this in your carry-on baggage. Also keep in mind that the inspection of international parcels sent from the United States to China is relatively strict. If consumers send American ginseng products from the United States to be sampled by the Chinese Customs, they must pay a 15% tariff, calculated by 1 pound of American ginseng, which is about $15.86. Yuan Meijin, about 102 RMB(see Table 1 ).

If carrying American ginseng and returning to China, will the American ginseng be detained?

Most of the situations there has been no problem. Paul Hsu, chairman of Hsu’s Ginseng, said that he went in and out of China 3-4 times a year and had never encountered any problems such as the taxation of the American ginseng he carried. The following will list which Ginseng can be legally carried and which cannot:

1. Wild American Ginseng:
Also known as wild ginseng. This item is listed as a second-class conservation species by CITES (International Convention on the Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). The so-called second-class conservation species refers to the absence of an immediate extinction crisis, but requires regulated transactions. Usually, the export transaction of wild ginseng is the import and export between companies, this is under strict legal conditions. However, if the general consumer or passengers leave the country, they will face the US Customs inspection and must provide CITES export documents before they can leave the country. There are still no entry documents available for entry into China. It is relatively difficult to bring wild ginseng into China from the United States as a whole.

2. Cultivated American Ginseng:
The average customer calls this American ginseng (species: ginseng), which can be brought in with luggage for personal use, not for commercial use. According to the current Chinese customs regulations, the total tax exemption value for individuals carrying imported goods is 5000 RMB. At present, the price of the American ginseng market is about 5 pounds of American ginseng. If you carry about 6 pounds of American ginseng, most of the cases can be smoothly cleared, but it cannot be completely guaranteed. It must be based on the judgment of the customs officers. The chances of sending a package of American ginseng were more than 10%. In addition, it should be noted that the ginseng tablets are also attributed to the ginseng roots.

3. Cultivated Fresh American Ginseng:
Fresh American ginseng is a crop and cannot be brought into the country. Imports can only be imported with a quarantine certificate.

4. Other American Ginseng Derivatives:
The most common such as American ginseng tea, ginseng powder, ginseng or essence, etc., are categorized within the health care category and can be legally brought into the country.

Relevant decrees - People's Republic of China Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Law

According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on entry and exit animal and plant inspection, Article 10 mentions: Importing animals, animal products, plant seeds, seedlings and other reproductive materials must be submitted in advance for quarantine examination and approval procedures. However, it does not specifically indicate that the American ginseng item is illegal or unportable. Therefore, artificial ginseng can be legally carried back to China.

Global multi-channel purchase of American ginseng

In the future, Hsu’s Ginseng will continue to strengthen its global distribution service; you can purchase American ginseng from the Hsu’s global mail order network - US direct mail to China's channel, we will help you with transportation, customs clearance and customs duties. Sending ginseng back to the country is no longer annoying. -->Check details
In addition, you can also purchase American ginseng on the Hsu’s global mail order network - Nanjing, China, we will directly distribute from the Hsu’s Nanjing branch. 100% of the American ginseng shipped by the Nanjing branch is from Wisconsin, USA, and it costs only $5 to pay for the delivery. The delivery time is about one week, saving time and convenience. -->Check details
If you have any questions about the entry of ginseng, please call our customer service department.


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