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Hsu Farm

Hsu Ginseng Farms is one of the World's most successful, American ginseng growing operations. We are located just north of Wausau Wisconsin USA where we operate on more than 1000 acres of virgin ginseng soil. Paul C. Hsu entered the cultivation of American Ginseng in 1972 when he found a marketplace that was demanding the unique properties of Central Wisconsin's American ginseng. Hsu Ginseng Farms has since become a proud, second generation farming operation, constantly exceeding the expectations needed to grow this historical and mythical plant.

A little History of Cultivated Ginseng in Marathon County Wisconsin USA

Marathon County Wisconsin USA grows the most prized and demanded American ginseng in the World.



The excitement behind the cultivation of American ginseng began more than 110 years ago by the Fromm brother’s in the small community of Hamburg Wisconsin. These industrious brother introduced Marathon County’s unique crop to the World in the early 1900’s thus creating the international demand that still exists. Many of the processes and methods are still the basis of how farmers care for it today.


The basics of growing cultivated, American Ginseng

Hsu Ginseng Farms utilize state of the art cultivation techniques and equipment with unprecedented investment in facilities, research and testing. The whole process of growing American ginseng begins with preparation of virgin ginseng land and moves through a process of the stratification of seed, planting, care and harvest. The care of a ginseng plant is very labor intensive and requires a huge investment.
American ginseng can only be grown on the land once. Contrary to popular belief, the plant does not remove anything from the soil. In the wild a ginseng plant can live for decades so Mother Nature has given the plant the capability to protect itself from being smothered out due to the fact it can drop 15-20 seeds every year. Due to the density of seed at which we plant the soil cannot handle the growth of another ginseng plant.
From planting to harvest can take as many as 5 years in a cultivated setting of artificial shade. Our crews can hook as many as 600,000 hooks a year to hold the shade covers in place only to remove many of them prior to winter or harvest.
Hsu Farm’s employs a combination of a high qualified staff and seasonal workers of more than 100 during harvest season. Our state-of-the-art farm facilities consistently store, process and dry this valuable crop. It’s at the point of harvest the plant becomes a commodity that Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises sells to the international marketplace.


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