Shipping Method

Nanjing to China shipments will be processed by courier service companies in China.

Shipping Charge

$5.00 will be charged for each shipping address.

Days in Transit

1~ 2 weeks for metropolitan areas, 2~3 weeks for small cities/remote areas. Deliveries may be delayed due to U.S. or China holidays.

Package Tracking

To check on delivery status and acquire tracking info, please call us @ 800-826-1577 in 2~3 business days after submitted your orders.


1. To assist in a prompt and accurate delivery of your order to China please provide the recipient’s name and shipping address with postal code in China. In addition, provide a valid phone number ideally the recipient’s cell phone. We have also found that having the phone number of a second contact in China is helpful for successful delivery.

2. To assist in a successful delivery of your package we encourage you to notify the recipients in China of the order and that they may be receiving an address verification call from Hsu’s of Nanjing. Hsu’s of Nanjing shipping department will contact recipients in China to verify their name and address to aid successful delivery. Failure to accept the call from Hsu’s Nanjing will result in packages not being shipped.

3. Hsu’s is excited to offer selected products within our ‘Nanjing to China’ program; including some of our supplements and our cultivated ginseng. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able include promotion bundles, wild ginseng, seafood, bird’s nest, and skin care products in this service. To learn more call us or visit


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